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What happens to your
glass after you put it
in the recycling bin?

There are mountains of recycled glass
waiting to be used. It takes 4,000 years
in a land-fill to even round the edges,
but we can reuse and re-envision the same material in just a few days.

We will explore artistic, architectural applications for recycled glass through
collaborative regional projects.

Please Donate Online today and support our unique glass recycling program!

NMEGW Recycling Projects

Recycling Movie

In alliance with NM Solid Waste Management Agency and the New Mexico Recycling Coalition, New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop will explore artistic and architectural applications for 100% post-industrial / post-consumer recycled glass. In 2011 we received our 501c3 approval to research and develop recycled glass art and products through in house research, and artist workshops.
  • Pioneering new recycling and art techniques, our program creates a regional solution to a regional problem with recycling projects that fully engage the artistic and architectural community.
  • With the variety of facilities available to the NMEWG staff of experienced artists, we are able to develop creative applications for new and innovative glass recycling techniques. The artwork outputs of our workshop have been exhibited widely in prestigious gallery and museum exhibitions nationwide.
  • A truly sustainable medium, glass takes 4000 years in a landfill just to round the edges, but we can re-envision and re-purpose the same material in just a few days. Through our recycling mission, we rise to our responsibility with the best we have to offer as artists; we truly see the world in a grain of sand.
  • Time for exploration and observation is critical in a timeline for creating new glass applications. Please consider making a donation to our recycling program now. With your help we can turn yesterday's trash glass into tomorrow's artistic treasures—Let's Get Experimental.
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